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Private and small-group yoga classes & Thai Yoga Massage sessions
for men of all fitness levels...

About Us

CE Yoga studio strives to provide a welcoming learning space for men who practise yoga. We offer private and small-group classes, naked and clothed, for beginners and intermediate yogis. We're located at the heart of Potts Point, Sydney, just 50m from Kings Cross Station.

All experience levels

We welcome all men regardless of experience, age, or fitness level. Join our beginner, intermediate, or open-level yoga classes.

Promote mindfulness

Our teachers are dedicated to cultivating your individual practice, advocating the safe transition between yoga poses and the promoting of mindfulness.

Variety of styles

We practise many styles of yoga including: hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, and partner yoga; clothed or naked.

Easy online booking

View our class schedule online or in-app and pre-book at your convenience. We have no minimum commitment or ongoing membership fee.

Supportive community

Be a part of our vibrant and supportive community of like-minded men. We support personal development and the building of relationships with others.

Workshops & events

Join a variety of health-related workshops and social events. View upcoming activities on our booking portal.

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What people say

Naked yoga makes me appreciate the body I do have. For all its flaws, real and imagined, I’m thankful it’s got me this far in life! Thank you for creating a unique space where men of all ages and walks of life can share a life-affirming practice like yoga. Being a member of this little band of yoga brothers means I get to meet men I otherwise would never meet.


What people say

Thank you CE Yoga for spending the time to take me through an amazing private yoga experience. It was a great combination of strength, endurance, mobility and stability.

Luke Khoury

What people say

Thank you so much for that truly remarkable experience. I'm one of the fortunate ones to be able to have a one on one yoga class as a beginner and come away feeling invigorated and fulfilled. Thank you for taking the time out and sharing your knowledge and your energy.

Dean Tapaki

What people say

I went to yoga last night. It was a brilliant experience. I will be making this a regular Wednesday evening routine from now on.



CE Yoga has no minimum commitment or ongoing membership fee. Single-visit classes can be purchased online for both group and private sessions. Discounted packages are available at the studio.

Small group classes (max 9)
90 min: $35/1 (intro $25) | $140/5 | $240/10 | $80/7 days
Private Yoga (1-2 students) or Thai Yoga Massage
60 min: $120
90 min (recommended): $150
120 min (option of Yoga & Thai Yoga Massage): $190
Multi-session packages (massage or Yoga) 90 min: $400/3 | $620/5
Remedial Massage
60 min: $120
90 min: $150
Multi session Packages (massage or Yoga)
90 min: $410/3, $635/5
Private group studio class (3-8 students)
90 min: $230
Mobile group class Yoga (max. 25)* or Thai Yoga Massage (max. 1)
60 min: $195
90 min: $255
*Additional numbers on request, and based on 40 min travel time to and from Potts Point studio. $40 per additional 30 min, plus tolls.


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Meet our teachers

Founder & Teacher
Following an accident in 2008, Jonn was left with 15% whole body permanent impairment. However, through a combination of rehabilitation and yoga, Jonn was able to restore his body. This inspired Jonn to create CE Yoga in 2014, a men's only yoga studio committed to improving health outcomes for men. Jonn is a qualified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner.
Qi Gong Master
Douglas is a Qi Gong Master, massage therapist, holistic counsellor and psychotherapist with a background in dance. He has a particular interest in how movement can be used to heal both mind and body, as well as promote well-being. He also has a voice that is its own muscle relaxant. Douglas is a qualified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner.
Hatha Vinyasa Teacher
After years enjoying gymnastic, weights and stretch, Dominique embraced Yoga in 2014. Recognising the full benefit of his yoga practice and wanting to deepen his understanding of Yoga, Dominique went on completing his Vinyasa Flow 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in July 2015 and is a Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner.
Hatha Vinyasa Teacher
Marco began his study of yoga in Italy in 1999, and continued his practice in Hatha and Raja yoga under Acharya Upendra Roy. Marco completed his yoga teacher training through the Byron Yoga Centre. His interests include holistic health and the application of yogic principles and Buddhist teachings to enhancing the quality of everyday life. Marco is a qualified Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner.

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